Revit Automatic Arrangement of Viewports

When working on a project with a lot of details or interior elevations it takes a lot of time to arrange all of them on the sheets. So far we use automated workflows for batch sheet creation and for views placing on sheets. But we didn’t have a tool to arrange the views in the right place. The views were on the sheets but we needed to go and rearrange them manually. Whit only two or three views it is not a big deal. But when we are talking about thirty or forty and more views it starts to get really annoying.

That is why we developed this tool for automated viewports arrangement. It reads viewport dimensions on the sheet and calculates the coordinates of the center point of each viewport. When there is no more space on the row it starts from the beginning with the next row. The width of the sheets is feed manually because there could be very different sheets scenarios and the table with information on the right side could vary project to project. For our own needs, we have a company standard sheet layout so this is not an issue.

Every organization has its special needs and requirements, right? Good news! We’re here to fulfill that gap.

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