Architecture & Urban Planning


Great architecture lies in combining all the little details that individually comprise a building’s character.

To ensure your needs are always lived up to, our architectural practice first finds out exactly what these specific needs are, and starts from there. By working with us, your project will benefit from:

  • High-quality materials and technologies.
  • The latest innovations in construction and design.
    Sustainable and harmonious integration of all architectural elements.
  • Adequate use of materials and resources that respect the environment.
  • Our considerate and integrated architecture produces buildings whose beauty, efficiency, and simplicity go beyond your expectations.

All 1 Studio has been operating an architectural practice, trusting that architecture and engineering must act in close collaboration. In other words, we can help you meet your objective and construct elegant, intelligent, and sustainable buildings.

To guarantee your building design is human in every aspect, we always make use of the newest data-driven tools and live up to the highest standards in safety, sustainability, and energy performance.

Thanks to our creative and technical expertise, we erect buildings that are not only sustainable but also comfortable for your living.

Efficiency is crucial. For that reason and to lower the costs and resources, All 1 Studio uses the best electrical, mechanical, and water and waste systems, as well as high-performance façades.

We keep you safe with state-of-the-art fire, lift, security, seismic, and wind systems. You’ll be able to easily connect and communicate with the technology we embed in our buildings.

To play with your sense of playfulness, our designers make every effort to produce spectacular forms and effects. On top of that, they ensure all building elements are in perfect harmony with their environment – from acoustics and form to landscape and lighting.

The reason for All 1 Studio’s 1 superior performance of all building designs is our approach to building information modeling (BIM).

A building project is considered successful when it not only captures the spirit of its environment but also stands out on its own. These buildings please the eye, keep you safe and secure, and meet all your comfort needs – all at the same time. In short – they have a real value to you.

For you, we can also do construction drawings, including schematic design, design development, as well as construction documents.

Schematic Design Services
The first phase is schematic design (SD), during which an architect of All 1 Studio consults with you to identify the project’s aims and needs.

During this initial phase, we develop sections, a site plan, floor plans, elevations, and renderings, and include form, scale, and spatial relationships, so you can review them.

At the end of this phase, you receive a final schematic design after consulting and discussing it with our architects. The overall project scale and volume determine the costs. After this phase comes to the design development phase.

Design Development Services
Design development (DD) uses the schematic design documents and upgrades on them. DD plans out the architectural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and structural details of your project.

The design development phase presents you with drawings, specifying various design elements like the material types and the location of doors and windows. This phase finishes with a formal presentation to you as the owner. DD then goes into the construction document phase.

Construction Documents Services
Once you and our architect both agree with the documents produced during the design development phase, the architect then proceeds to the creation of more detailed drawings. They include specific details about the construction and materials.

The construction documents (CDs) contain all relevant information needed for the contractor to evaluate and realize the project. The number of details in CDs varies depending on your preferences.

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    Urban Planning

    Are you looking for a design of a large urbanized area? We have the right solution for you.

    The architectural solutions we offer go well beyond the boundaries of a single building. When designing your large-scale urban project, we reflect the nitty-gritties of a human form, convenience, and perception, and we set the principles for every building.

    Each one stands out with its individualism. At the same time, it doesn’t interfere with any of the others. Harmony and sustainable development will be the focus of your project.

    We’ll build masterplanning suggestions for you, bearing in mind not only what effect places have on work, lifestyle, and wellbeing. Your project will also profit from a technical understanding of interrelated systems, including energy, transport, information, and waste.

    In fact, before even getting to masterplanning, All 1 Studio will consider the interconnection between societies and urban systems, along with global matters (climate change and economic uncertainties) and their impact on the future of our cities.

    Our proposals for you run through various tools and analyses that combine both the subjective and quantifiable elements of social, spatial, economic, and environmental contexts.

    Your success is guaranteed because All 1 Studio collaborates with partners and different stakeholders, speeding the development from design to delivery. We also take into consideration the consequences of rising sea levels on the realization and economic feasibility of new commercial districts.

    The complexity of urban spaces and environments is on the increase. When designing your urban environment, we apply innovative solutions to issues, including changes to noise, air quality, land scarcity, and household makeup. Our masterplanners redefine the very concept of urban living.

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