Place Multiple Views on Multiple Sheets

When working on a medium and big projects you need to create a lot of sheets and views. Fortunately, there are tools for batch sheet creation and placeholder sheets for Revit, so this could be resolved pretty easily. For example, pyRevit has Batch Sheet Maker. Here you can learn more  – VIDEO  . But this will do only half of the work. You still need to place the views on sheets. This is the tricky part.

Using Revit API to place a view on sheets is quite an east job. You need to feed the view, the sheet, and the location. More details for the method – HERE .The issue is how to make this process user-friendly. What should the UI look like to enable a robust and easy process for the end-user?

Embracing this challenge we had to create the UI from scratch. We decided to go with a logic where you have all the sheets listed and you need to select which views to go on which sheet. For clarity, we grouped the views by view type. To filter unwanted sheets and views we included also a drop-down menu to select the desired phase. The phase is custom project parameter but it could be anything else that you are using to divide your sheets and views into categories.

Using this tool you will be able to batch place views on sheets in a fraction of the time compared to the manual process. That was the main goal – to provide the end-user with a tool that increases efficiency and saves time for more important tasks. Have a look and let us know what you think about it! 

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