BIM Services

The BIM technology grows ever more rapidly in the construction sector. Our team is one of the leaders in the use of this type of technology in Bulgaria. We follow the best world practices. We are constantly working on research and development methodologies for using this technology and implementing it in various projects. The main software we operate with is Autodesk Revit. We offer a variety of services to help companies that want to become part of the digitization of the industry.


  • BIM MODELLING The quality and integrity of the data is critical for BIM. We respect that and deliver high quality BIM Content:
    • Revit Architectural Models
    • Revit Structural Models
    • Revit Families
    • Models for coordination, qunatities take-off, documentation


  • BIM MANAGEMENT Managing BIM technology could be challenging. We have a lot of experience in the BIM field. We can help you in your BIM journey:
    • Revit Implementation Strategies
    • Company Revit Standards Development
    • Revit Templates
    • Revit  BIM Protocols


  • BIM TRAINING AND ADVISEMENT  BIM skills are in high demand nowadays. They are very important to build sustainable workflows. We can help your company to achieve your digitalization goals.
    • Custom Revit Trainings
    • Revit Workflows
    • Revit Best Practices
    • Revit Tips&Tricks