Why Us

We have always believed that the good design is born out of the delicate balance of achieving one’s goals, while respecting the context of the surrounding environment. Regardless of the scale of the task at hand, our team aims to always find that balance. To do so, rather than following the latest trends at any cost, we try to understand and find exactly what our client’s needs are, and start from there.

Benefits of Choosing Us

Our clients may come to us for many reasons. Here are just some of them:


We work with clients from all over the world, with completed projects and buildings built in the USA, Sweden, UK, Austria, Australia, New Zealand and Bulgaria.

Team of Architects, Designers and Engineers

Our team of aspiring architects, designers, and engineers provides a wide range of services in the field of architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry.

BIM technology

Each of our projects is made using the latest BIM technology, which guarantees the highest quality.

Dedication and Personal Attitude to Work

We approach each of our clients and projects with all our commitment and attention.

Quality and Completed Projects

All our projects are made in full scope of work, in accordance with all laws and regulations.

We use the latest Technologies

Our company has always relied on the latest technologies in the field of architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. Each of our projects is made using the latest BIM technology. This guarantees the preparation of accurate quantitative bills and specifications during construction, as well as accurate estimates of the operational costs during the period of operation of the building.

When designing we use BIM technology and in particular Autodesk software.

 – Autodesk Revit – for drawing up of 3D model of the building and creation of the project documentation for the parts Architecture, Building Structures, Water Supply and Sewerage, HVAC and Electro.

 – Autodesk Robot – for static and dynamic analysis of building structures.

 – Autodesk Advance Steel – for production of production drawings of steel.

 – Autodesk Navisworks – to coordinate and find intersections between models of different specialties.

 – pYRevit & Pyton – to upgrade Autodesk Revit functionality and develop custom tools.

 – Autodesk Recap – for working with Point Clouds, digital duplicates of existing objects.

 – BIM 360 Design – for collaboration with clients and specialties from different parts of the world.

 – Enscape 3D – for digital walks in created 3D models and presentation in VR / AR environments.

 – Lumion – for renderings, animations, 360 panoramas.

Our Work Process

Our Services


Great architecture lies in combining all the little details that individually comprise a building’s character.

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Interior Design

Interior is the soul of every building. We can help you imagine the space by creating an innovative and cost-effective design concept.

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BIM Services

Exploiting the numerous benefits of BIM, we can bring you an efficient, high-impact design of systems and structures, never possible before.

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Visualizations, Animations, VR & AR

Modern technologies make the boundaries between the real and the digital world thinner. We can take you and your customers to the spaces of a future building by taking you on a virtual tour.

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Adequate management and consulting are essential for a project’s continuing success.

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