Revit Automatic Lighting Fixtures Distribution

We aim to help our clients in their daily work. That is why we created this lighting fixture distribution tool. Our MEP engineer clients struggle placing manually the lighting fixtures in their models. Usually, they perform calculations and based on them they need to distribute a given number of lighting fixtures evenly in a given space. This could be a very annoying and time-consuming task. With this tool, they need only to define the spaces with three corner points and to use a sample lighting fixture to tell the tool what family type and level to be used.

The result is perfectly distributed lighting fixtures based on the user input. There are different options for the sample lighting fixture placement. Depending on the workflow used the fixture could be placed on a face from a linked model or on the active model reference plane. That is how our client improved their efficiency and saved time. The tool could be customized to suit your needs!

Every organization has its special needs and requirements, right? Good news! We’re here to fulfill that gap.

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