Revit Match Parameters

Match Properties is a well-known function in Revit. It is really powerful because in a couple of clicks you can change element types and adapt your model to any change. For sure it is really useful but it has its limitations. A lot of times we want to transfer parameter values from one element to another. We want the flexibility to be added to the standard Match Properties tool functionality.

Spending a lot of time manually filling parameters and changing values is not the dream task. So we needed a better way to do this. Once again having all the information in the model is one thing but managing it is quite different. At that time we didn’t have the right tool so we decided to create it. Inspired by the renumbering tool from pyRevit we developed a workflow. 

The tool is using a source element and transfers it’s parameter values to multiple target elements. The target elements don’t need to be of the same category. With that workflow, you could transfer different types of data from strings and integers to materials. It saves time and ensures consistent information in your models. Check it out!

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