Revit Mass to Toposurface

Recently we found an article about a new method in the Revit API for topography surface creation. The article explains how to create topography in Revit with the new method using Dynamo and Python. The workflow also needed CAD import as input information.

We were inspired by this new option in the Revit API so we decided to go for our own workflow. Using CAD as input and going outside Revit was something that we thought could be improved. That is why we are using a mass element as input and based on the mass geometry we are creating the topography. This approach gives you more freedom to experiment with different forms and configurations. And most importantly with a bit of tweaking, you are able to create completely vertical faces in the topography! Really cool! 

Still, this new method has its limitations but it is nice to see that Autodesk starts looking into the topography tool and tries to make it better. We are looking forward to seeing how this will develop.

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