Revit Deep Purge

BIM Is all about information. When it comes to sharing the information with external consultants comes the question  – What to share? Using Revit we are generating a lot of information within our models and the other parties often doesn’t need all the information. On the other side a lot of comanies now are developing their own families, templates, workflows and they need to protect the hours of time invested in that. Of course you are still sending the original revit file but you can strip it from anything extra that is not needed/wanted and still to be able to do full coordination and collaboration. Revit does have built-in function Purge – but there is still room for improvement. Our tool gives you deep approach. You can clean links, photos, filters, view tempaltes and other to end up whit the minimum inforamtion requiered. It can be adjusted to your needs. Let us know what you think!

Every organization has its special needs and requirements, right? Good news! We’re here to fulfill that gap.

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