Multifamily Residential Building with Underground Garage

Architecture is made in collaboration between: AZ Studio ( ) + All 1 Studio ( )

The building has a clean, contemporary look with clearly summarized vertical volumes. It consists of two volumes, arranged in height, according to the specifics of the terrain and placed in different coordinate systems, according to the particular shape of the property and the arc of the adjacent street.

The best exhibitions and views for each home have been sought. Highlights in the vision are the corner windows and the elements of wood on the facade, arranged in a horizontal and vertical direction. The south-east and south-west facades are treated with larger glazing and a clear screen of solid parts in white tones and vertically arranged wooden elements.

The northwest and northeast facades are denser, treated with a darker color and with wooden paneling horizontally. In the ground floor and attic floor, the facades are lined with stone with a prominent horizontal screen.

The project envisages 32 apartments and 5 studios. There are 37 parking spaces available (11 above ground and 26 underground) and 17 bicycle parking spaces.

PROJECT TYPE Architecture, Residential
LOCATION Sofia, Bulgaria
AREA 4300 sq.m.
CLIENT Private Client
STATUS Design Phase
DATE 2019