Karin Dom

The proposed competition project is a four-story building with a total area of 2470.5 m2 (terraces and patios not included). The building has one underground level and three above-ground levels. The main building entrance is from the northwest corner of the plot. The underground garage entrance is on the southeast side of the building. The natural slope of the terrain is used to reach the garage floor level (-3.40m). The upper floors are accessed via one elevator and a staircase. All floors have large open terraces that allow occupants to enjoy the park environment.

The building has a standard column-beam reinforced concrete construction. Core-shaft walls are positioned in the staircase/elevator group.

The building has a ventilated facade system, which consists of aluminum profiles, forming a continuous construction grid, and vertical wood panels, which are directly mounted on the grid. All windows are covered by wood shading boards, which are installed on the same aluminum construction.

The shading system has 3 roles:

  • to create a comfortably lit area inside
  • to cover all unnecessary details on the facades
  • create a smooth external look.

The total cost for realization the proposed project is estimated to be Euro 1,345,000 (1.345 million Euro). This cost covers all the construction work, landscaping and terrain work, infrastructure, equipment, and building finishes, as well as the preparation of all the needed construction documents.

PROJECT TYPE Architecture, Public
LOCATION Varna, Bulgaria
AREA 2470 sq.m.
CLIENT Karin Dom Foundation
STATUS Conceptual Phase
DATE 2020