Interior Design of Two-Bedroom Apartment

The interior design of part of a two-bedroom apartment in a new building in Vitosha district. The warmth radiated by the specially selected smoky oak parquet in combination with typical Scandinavian-style details brings the feeling of home coziness and comfort. The color accents are mainly in movable furniture such as chairs and armchairs, which are a nice joke in the interior. They can easily be changed over time, allowing owners to add variety and achieve a different look without investing in new furniture. The bathroom in this interior is solved with a micro cement coating, which gives artistry and integrity to the walls due to the lack of joints. This material is 100% waterproof and is characterized by high strength, which makes it a great choice for the bathroom. The accent walls and the floor are solved with granite tiles with a wooden look, which makes the transition between the rooms smooth.

PROJECT TYPE Architecture, Interior Design
LOCATION Sofia, Bulgaria
AREA 102 sq.m.
CLIENT Private Client
STATUS Design Phase
DATE 2020