AzUkEn | Office Interior Design

This is a new design of an office for our friends from AzUkEn, which is an accounting company, based in Sofia. The desire of the owner is to provide a functional, fresh, and friendly space for his team, which was our main goal too. We used typical materials for the industrial style, such as interior bricks, wood, and black steel. The lighting is designed to combine light with nature, hygiene and good acoustics. Part of the wiring on the ceiling is visible, and the rest of the lighting fixtures are suspended. We choose circle textile acoustic panels and some with Scandinavian moss. In the areas for eating and resting, we decided to install custom-made steel constructions with a net. They are covered with a lot of flowers and plants. Due to the need for huge storage space for the company’s archives, the main interior wall in the room has become a cabinet divided into zones in both directions. The desks are located so that there is access to each module of the furniture structure. The doors are provided with letters to make it easier to find the folders behind. We decided to separate part of the area, which had an existing podium, and to organize it as a manager office/conference hall. This is done through a specially made sliding glass partition with aluminum profiles installed without thresholds on the floor.

PROJECT TYPE Architecture, Interior Design
LOCATION Sofia, Bulgaria
AREA 150 sq.m.
CLIENT AzUkEn Ltd. |
STATUS In Operation
DATE 2021