Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering

Construction is an integral part of every building and structure.

Looking for seismic analysis, examining different construction types, and designing?

No worries – from initial conception to onsite completion, we are proficient in connecting the demands of geometry, materials, and loads (wind, seismic, and gravity). We’ll design your project according to the latest EU standards – Eurocode. You’ll profit from our vast international experience, including projects not only in Europe but also in the USA and New Zealand.

To ensure your project is as innovative as possible, our structural engineers work hand-in-hand with clients and collaborators, keeping abreast of the latest industry trends. In addition, All 1 Studio’s structural engineers constantly refine and develop their skills to design durable, stylish, and economic buildings.


Our practice puts great emphasis on virtual modeling to test structural solutions. 3D building modeling equally serves architects, clients, and engineers to imagine how all design components work together. This is critical for lowering both time and financial costs, and helps for a project’s sustainability as well.

You can be sure that we respond in a creative way to every new challenge – be it a complex structure or material innovations. The close link between architects, engineers, and collaborators results in excellent all-round solutions.

In keeping with today’s developing challenges and with the aim of serving you better, All 1 Studio’s structural engineers constantly upgrade their abilities in disaster relief, international development, and research and teaching.

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