Computational BIM

To get even further, we are not limited to the standard capabilities of the BIM technology. To improve them we use additional tools for optimization, analysis and control of our models. Our team takes advantage of the open system that Revit provides and by using the API software, we create customized solutions. We use Python programming language, as well as Dynamo Visual Programming Language.


  • BIM CUSTOM TOOLS – We create Dynamo Scripts and custom Revit tools. We can help you automate your daily tasks or create custom workflows.
    • Rename, Renumber elements
    • Get/Set element parameters
    • Delete/Create parameters
    • Quantities Take-off
    • Automated Documentation
    • Model Analysis


  • BIM PARAMETRIC&GENERITIVE DESIGNThe automation in  the design process is happening now. The designers won’t loose their jobs but  they need to adopt and win this process. We embrace the change and use parametric design and generitive design to assist the design process.
    • Parametric formulas to define and analyze the design
    • Cloud platform to analyze dozens of designs


  • BIM TRAINING AND ADVISEMENT – BIM skills are in high demand nowadays. They are very important to build sustainable workflows. We can help your company to achieve your digitalization goals.
    • DynamoBIM Custom Trainings
    • Revit Custom Workflows
    • Dynamo Scripts Strategies
    • Dynamo Tips&Tricks


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