Architecture & Urban Planning


Great architecture lies in combining all the little details that individually comprise a building’s character.

To ensure your needs are always lived up to, our architectural practice first finds out exactly what these specific needs are, and starts from there. By working with us, your project will benefit from:

  • High-quality materials and technologies.
  • The latest innovations in construction and design.
  • Sustainable and harmonious integration of all architectural elements.
  • Adequate use of materials and resources that respect the environment.

Our considerate and integrated architecture produces buildings whose beauty, efficiency, and simplicity go beyond your expectations.

All 1 Studio has been operating an architectural practice, trusting that architecture and engineering must act in close collaboration. In other words, we can help you meet your objective and construct elegant, intelligent, and sustainable buildings.

To guarantee your building design is human in every aspect, we always make use of the newest data-driven tools and live up to the highest standards in safety, sustainability, and energy performance.

Thanks to our creative and technical expertise, we erect buildings that are not only sustainable but also comfortable for your living.

Efficiency is crucial. For that reason and to lower the costs and resources, All 1 Studio uses the best electrical, mechanical, and water and waste systems, as well as high-performance façades.

We keep you safe with state-of-the-art fire, lift, security, seismic, and wind systems. You’ll be able to easily connect and communicate with the technology we embed in our buildings.

To play with your sense of playfulness, our designers make every effort to produce spectacular forms and effects. On top of that, they ensure all building elements are in perfect harmony with their environment – from acoustics and form to landscape and lighting.

The reason for All 1 Studio’s 1 superior performance of all building designs is our approach to building information modeling (BIM).

A building project is considered successful when it not only captures the spirit of its environment but also stands out on its own. These buildings please the eye, keep you safe and secure, and meet all your comfort needs – all at the same time. In short – they have a real value to you.

For you, we can also do construction drawings, including schematic design, design development, as well as construction documents.

Schematic Design Services

The first phase is schematic design (SD), during which an architect of All 1 Studio consults with you to identify the project’s aims and needs.

During this initial phase, we develop sections, a site plan, floor plans, elevations, and renderings, and include form, scale, and spatial relationships, so you can review them.

At the end of this phase, you receive a final schematic design after consulting and discussing it with our architects. The overall project scale and volume determine the costs. After this phase comes to the design development phase.

Design Development Services

Design development (DD) uses the schematic design documents and upgrades on them. DD plans out the architectural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and structural details of your project.

The design development phase presents you with drawings, specifying various design elements like the material types and the location of doors and windows. This phase finishes with a formal presentation to you as the owner. DD then goes into the construction document phase.

Construction Documents Services

Once you and our architect both agree with the documents produced during the design development phase, the architect then proceeds to the creation of more detailed drawings. They include specific details about the construction and materials.

The construction documents (CDs) contain all relevant information needed for the contractor to evaluate and realize the project. The number of details in CDs varies depending on your preferences.


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Urban Planning

Are you looking for a design of a large urbanized area? We have the right solution for you.

The architectural solutions we offer go well beyond the boundaries of a single building. When designing your large-scale urban project, we reflect the nitty-gritties of a human form, convenience, and perception, and we set the principles for every building.

Each one stands out with its individualism. At the same time, it doesn’t interfere with any of the others. Harmony and sustainable development will be the focus of your project.

We’ll build masterplanning suggestions for you, bearing in mind not only what effect places have on work, lifestyle, and wellbeing. Your project will also profit from a technical understanding of interrelated systems, including energy, transport, information, and waste.

In fact, before even getting to masterplanning, All 1 Studio will consider the interconnection between societies and urban systems, along with global matters (climate change and economic uncertainties) and their impact on the future of our cities.

Our proposals for you run through various tools and analyses that combine both the subjective and quantifiable elements of social, spatial, economic, and environmental contexts.

Your success is guaranteed because All 1 Studio collaborates with partners and different stakeholders, speeding the development from design to delivery. We also take into consideration the consequences of rising sea levels on the realization and economic feasibility of new commercial districts.

The complexity of urban spaces and environments is on the increase. When designing your urban environment, we apply innovative solutions to issues, including changes to noise, air quality, land scarcity, and household makeup. Our masterplanners redefine the very concept of urban living.


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Interior Design

Interior Design

Looking for a cozy interior that will give your building its distinctive soul?

Architecture is much more than a façade and exterior layout. Interior is the soul of every building.

We can help you imagine the space by creating an innovative and cost-effective design concept. This includes the creation of both a functional plan organization and a 3D model with the main materials used.

You will also receive a package with the construction documents, which every contractor can use as a reference to realize your project. We earn our clients’ trust by creating realistic renders.

Our team of professionals will explore your specific needs and create a unique atmosphere. An atmosphere that will make every inner space of your new home come to life. It will excite your emotions and make it the epitome of comfort and coziness.

You can choose between designs of interior spaces for both living and working. Our designs go beyond the visual impact and focus on things like convenience, flexibility, and user-friendliness.

To deliver your project, All 1 Studio’s interior designers work together in a strategic way, concentrating on quality, innovation, and sustainability. The projects we can design for you include academic and civic buildings, office and store spaces, convention centers, as well as cultural and entertainment venues.


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Product Design

Imagine your boldest apartment dream. Something fancy, isn’t it? Often, what makes a place fancy are the small elements.

Architecture focuses on the tiniest of details. A simple element may create a feeling of utter comfort and unforgettable emotions.

If you’re looking for a project that needs designing such spatial elements, you have come to the right place. Through our architectural decisions, we have changed the way people see and experience their home, workplace, and environment.

The question now is: Are you ready to make that bold dream come true?


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Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering

Construction is an integral part of every building and structure.

Looking for seismic analysis, examining different construction types, and designing?

No worries – from initial conception to onsite completion, we are proficient in connecting the demands of geometry, materials, and loads (wind, seismic, and gravity). We’ll design your project according to the latest EU standards – Eurocode. You’ll profit from our vast international experience, including projects not only in Europe but also in the USA and New Zealand.

To ensure your project is as innovative as possible, our structural engineers work hand-in-hand with clients and collaborators, keeping abreast of the latest industry trends. In addition, All 1 Studio’s structural engineers constantly refine and develop their skills to design durable, stylish, and economic buildings.

Our practice puts great emphasis on virtual modeling to test structural solutions. 3D building modeling equally serves architects, clients, and engineers to imagine how all design components work together. This is critical for lowering both time and financial costs, and helps for a project’s sustainability as well.

You can be sure that we respond in a creative way to every new challenge – be it a complex structure or material innovations. The close link between architects, engineers, and collaborators results in excellent all-round solutions.

In keeping with today’s developing challenges and with the aim of serving you better, All 1 Studio’s structural engineers constantly upgrade their abilities in disaster relief, international development, and research and teaching.


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BIM Services

3D modeling and simulation are virtual design tools that are becoming more integrated and sophisticated. All 1 Studio believes that to realize their enormous potential they should have an effect on a more advanced design process, which brings the interactions between all design elements to life.

This process goes by the name of Building Information Modeling (BIM), and is changing the way we design buildings and infrastructure systems to perform during their entire life cycle.

People commonly mistake BIM for 3D design. In reality, it’s much more than that. BIM is the digital description of each aspect of the assets built. BIM manages all the information about a project – before, during, and after its construction.

Think about BIM as a virtual sample – be it a city, a site, a building, or a whole infrastructure system. It allows us to simulate and evaluate any aspect of a design’s performance, which is truly invaluable.

This virtual sample then turns into a reference for better construction. It continues to develop, even after it has reached the owners and operators of the assets.

How is this possible? Simple – because BIM is not merely a 3D animation. Rather, it’s a smart project model that embeds information, which can then be shared between the various stakeholders during the entire process.

This smart model makes the project’s costs, viability, and schedules much more accurate. BIM also contributes to the project’s sustainability in terms of operation and construction. Exploiting the numerous benefits of BIM, we can bring you an efficient, high-impact design of systems and structures, never possible before.

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1. Revit BIM Modeling

We respect the fact that the data’s quality and integrity are critical for BIM. For that reason, with us, you can be sure that you’ll receive BIM content of the highest quality, including:

  • Revit Architectural Models
  • Revit Structural Models
  • Models for coordination, documentation, and quantity take-offs (QTO).

Through the 3D BIM models we generate, you can see if there’s a possible interference between all building systems. 3D BIM Modeling offers you better project planning by aiding you in visualizing schematic structures before the actual construction has taken place. Thanks to it, we can notice major system conflicts ahead of installation.

Benefits of using Coordinated 3D BIM Model:

  • Project Coordination
  • Field Conflict Resolution
  • Precise as Built Drawings
  • Construction Cost Savings
  • Construction Visualizations
  • Reduced Construction Time
  • Increased Onsite Productivity


2. Revit BIM Families

Revit families are at the very core of Revit. In brief, the family contains the so-called “DNA” of how to create an object in a Revit environment.

Imagine having all the products you offer digitalized and with an integrated access to your clients. All your information in one place, one file, which you can use in your projects – not only for visualization but also for upheavals, parameters, technical specifications, etc. We can create this invaluable database for you.

You can benefit from our in-depth experience in Revit Family creation for both the European and U.S. market. The services you can choose include:

  • Architectural family creation (Doors, Windows, etc.)
  • Structural family creation (Structural components)
  • MEP family creation (Lighting Fixtures, AHU Units, etc.)

BIM Family Benefits:

High quality, accessible models of your building products will heavily increase the chance of having your product specified by leading architects and designers.

  • Enhanced visual layout plans
  • Improved communication of project and plans
  • Stunning visuals and 3D models for sales and marketing
  • Improved scheduling capabilities
  • Get your products specified to owners

You can also expand your Revit Families to include BIM objects created by All 1 Studio. Your next project can take advantage of our vast range of BIM content, including commercial buildings, xx, yy, zz.

We’ll help you create high-quality family models, so architects and designers have easy access to them.


3. Revit BIM Management

Take advantage of our expertise in the creation and delivery of detailed Building Information Modeling (BIM) documents. You’ll receive all the BIM Management tools you might need to make sure your staff adopts processes, follows standards, and consistently uses software.

Managing BIM technology is challenging. We can help you overcome the challenge by providing you with various services, including:

  • BIM Execution Plans
  • Company Procedures
  • BIM Management Plans
  • Best Practice Guidelines
  • Software Standards Manuals

Our work with clients serves us well to integrate best practice guidelines for documentation and modeling, document setups and execute procedures for quality control to lessen risk and yield high-quality outcomes, as well as manage tasks and map out processes.


4. Revit BIM Training

Nowadays, BIM skills are in high demand because they are essential for building sustainable workflows.

Are you looking for upgrading these skills?

With us, you can learn while working because we use a project your team is currently involved in. We can help your company achieve its digitalization goals by providing you with:

  • Revit Trainings
  • Revit Workflows
  • Revit Tips & Tricks
  • Revit Best Practices

All 1 Studio offers Revit training, whose specific focus is on the management systems and processes needed to effectively apply BIM technology in real-life projects in a way that delivers a return on your investment.

The training does not focus on software. Rather, its focus is on how to successfully manage people, systems, and processes thanks to a proven BIM methodology to bring financial returns.

By choosing us, you’ll work with trainers whose experience and qualifications help them deliver economic returns via BIM practices from construction projects and real life design.

All training sessions are conducted in small, interactive, and dedicated groups, so you can master the Revit software tool faster and in a convenient fashion.

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5. Revit BIM Automation Services

We go beyond the standard capabilities of Revit. Additional tools for analysis, control, and optimization help us improve our projects.

This means that your company will benefit from customized solutions that we create by making the most of the open system that Revit API and Dynamo BIM provide.

“One size fits all” solutions rarely work in the construction industry. While it’s a fact that the market offers some excellent products, you can greatly improve your processes via automation processes and tailored tools, created for your own specific needs.

A customized script can offer you more effective ways to manage the data in your Revit model. To address your business needs, our team plans, develops, tests, and deploys custom solutions by using creative and collaborative processes.

These processes consist of:

  • Assessing your existing processes and recommending customizations.
  • Identifying custom software workflows and requirements.
  • Agile software development with cycles for planning, development, and testing.
  • Execution and support for all custom apps and tools.


5.1. Dynamo Scripts and Python Scripts

Are you tired of your boring and time-consuming daily tasks?

We can help you either by automating them or by creating custom workflows like Dynamo Scripts and custom Revit tools. Here’s all you get:

  • Rename, Renumber elements
  • Get/Set element parameters
  • Delete/Create parameters
  • Quantity Take-offs (QTOs)
  • Automated Documentation
  • Model Analysis
  • Dynamo BIM Trainings
  • Dynamo Scripts Strategies
  • Dynamo Tips & Tricks


5.2. Parametric Design and Generative Design

Automation of the design process is real, and it’s happening right now.

The good news is – designers won’t lose their jobs, but they’ll have to adapt quickly. Our solution – we assist the design process with parametric and generative design.

Parametric Design Procedures, commonly known as PDPs, combine the methods of Design Procedures with Parametric Modeling in an effort to deal with the limitations of current systems. PDPs provides you with options to study a particular design instance after a model has been constrained via generating an infinite number of design instances.


6. Scan to BIM

“Scan to BIM” is the process of 3D-laser scanning of a physical site or space to create an exact digital representation of it. You can use this representation for designing, evaluating progress, or assessing options.

But before we get into detail, it’s vital to determine why you desire to have a digital representation of a space, and clarify what you will need the data for. This guarantees you will get a scan that best meets your specific needs.

All 1 Studio offers reality capture for AEC firms. You can benefit not only from 3D capture but also from BIM. This means that your team can use Revit models that we produce from 3D Scan data.


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Visualizations, Animations, VR & AR

Modern technologies make the boundaries between the real and the digital world thinner. We can take you and your customers to the spaces of a future building by taking you on a virtual tour. Visualizations, Animations, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality let architectural drawings come to life. Here’s how we can help you seduce investors and sell your properties in no time.


Reading drawings is hard. That’s where visualizations come into play. They allow your customers to feel both the outside environment – gardens and parks – and the interior spaces.

Attract your clients with numerous high-quality 3D objects and images that give them a sense of space and composition.

Our team collects design data from all disciplines to produce representations for architects, developers, engineers, governments, and planners alike. These representations are helpful for every project stage – from early design and planning through detailed design to feasibility, consultation, and marketing.

All 1 Studio is engaged during the project’s course, upgrading everything to produce more wide-ranging models.

Thanks to our knowledge in design, we maximize the value and communicate unbuilt constructions and infrastructure to the media, the public, and the stakeholders. Regardless of the project and its stage of development, an attractive visualization gives you confidence in what you or your clients will receive.

The outstanding results you get stem from combining our various capabilities and exploiting the newest technologies in augmented in virtual reality. This allows us to bring unbuilt buildings to life in an appealing way.



Seeking attractive animations for your project?

All 1 Studio provides a vast range of animation services that are personalized to your specific needs. We’ll help you tell the story of your project by using a set of different tools, styles, and techniques.

Our architects and animators work closely to provide you with unique, attention-grabbing visuals that will sell your project immediately.

Resembling a real movie, architectural animations narrate the story of your design from a point of view that’s as realistic as possible.

An architectural animation is a must for any project – from a small revamp to a big city planning work. These virtual tours give you and your clients a profound insight into the finished building. Every single design detail is visible in an extremely realistic way, leaving nothing to the imagination

For you, we produce 3D walkthrough, showcasing your design, and real, close-up views of every detail in the 3D model. This means you’ll have to do little talking to convince your clients – the architectural animations will do the job for you.

After the 3D model of your masterplan is ready, All 1 Studio’s artists will produce detailed architectural drawings and still renderings for your project. Then, similar to a drone, our virtual camera will fly through the 3D model from numerous angles and viewpoints, showing your design’s full potential.

In brief, we’ll turn your dream into a reality that attracts your clients and generates sales.

High-impact architectural animations are the key to winning more business.



Immersive VR and AR experiences are the new kid on the block of visual architecture. By combining VR with BIM solutions, All 1 Studio delivers truly immersive experiences. Take your clients in their future homes with interactive 360 views, 3D walk-throughs, and virtual tours of rooms, floors, or entire buildings.

Making the most of the BIM data, your clients can view the 3D models in a real environment and request changes, if needed, before the actual construction has begun. Providing a real tour in the 3D models gives you an important competitive edge, accelerates the decision-making process, and brings about design enhancements, ultimately diminishing issues during construction.

Thanks to our VR, AR, and BIM solutions, you significantly decrease the risk on site by improving construction sequences. Virtual Reality solutions greatly improve collaboration and let you decide on important issues in the early phases of a project, thus preventing expensive and time-consuming alterations once construction has begun.


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Adequate management and consulting are essential for a project’s continuing success. Delivering it not only on time but also on budget is crucial. All 1 Studio goes beyond, adopting an innovative approach towards project management, often resulting in creative solutions.

Our clients trust us as their advisors for our reliability and responsiveness. We do this by connecting project, program, and strategic advice to attain your business goals.

No matter if it’s a single project or a long-term relationship, your goals are always at the forefront, so we can propose innovative solutions to your specific needs.

All our consultants and managers possess highly versatile backgrounds. Drawing on their knowledge and expertise in the fields of design, construction, 4D planning, compliance management, and time-and-cost control, we guarantee your success.

A project’s success is different to everybody. Whether it’s your reputation, timely delivery, or value capital, we adjust our focus to yours to mitigate all the risks for you.

Seeking someone to organize and manage your own projects instead of you? Here’s a list of all our Consulting services:

  • Project Management
  • Pre-Design Studies
  • Programming
  • Scheduling
  • Budgeting
  • Construction Work Consultations
  • Owner Representation (monitoring of Quality Control, Deadlines, Schedule, and Payments)
  • Documents Issuing

You name it, we’ll manage it!

If there is something else you are seeking help with, just drop us a message, and we will happily offer solutions.


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